Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Join The Leader in Automated Webucation Marketing. ProfitMasters Outperforms ALL Network Wannabees (many falsely claim to be the Holy Grail of Turnkey Home Business.)

TVisio® Automated VoIP Leads Generator Proves Buzzworthy!
Get In Before the Stampede! TVisio® has harnessed the incomparable Synergies of ProfitMasters/Emerald Passport with GoldCalling® for Breakthrough VoIP Leads Prospecting Conversion. The New iPod and VoIP distribution model is the pebble that triggers the avalanche. Do the Math! Measure Value, Price, Return on Investment and User Friendliness

A No Brainer! Blow All Competitors Doors Off with Simple Cash Flow Logic, Self Funding Targeted Leads Generation, Revolutionary Webucation-Ecommerce-Software for Global Marketing Success...The TVisio® Total Turnkey Package is here!


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Voip Message
Broadcaster - Dynamic Contact Manager - Call Center Software

with a fully automated highly functional contact manager with VOIP autodialer
interfaced with your own MySQL database makes this software one of the
most powerful business building tools on or offline.

This Voipware package installs and runs from your computer and
includes the database, contact manager, VOIP dialer, broadcaster interface
and GET THIS You don't need a web site or hosted server!

"Now You Can Realize Your Biggest Dreams"

being able to broadcast your own recorded voice messages to thousands
of live telephones as many times a day as you wish with just a few clicks
of your mouse.

This Is The Biggest Prospecting Breakthrough Only A Few Know About!

Packages come with access to a massive database of over 3 million
prospects ranging from existing professional marketers to home base
business seekers.

Premium packages include the right to download 25,000 fresh opt-in
contact records PER WEEK!.

contact records automatically go into your MySQL database which renders
them available for broadcast of your messages directly from your
contact manager via the VOIPware interface.

VoIP Newscast.com reports
"This Could Be The Most Dynamic Turnkey Prospecting Package In Existence!

Learn How to Retire Early. Fire your boss! Re-program your beliefs about creating follow-up wealth. TVisio Shows You How to create, then manage, staying in touch with fresh and ‘old prospects’. There is NOTHING in the world like it! Our Direct VoIP Response System manages your target lists, automatically handles your marketing, generates responses from prospects and then handles the drip marketing methods. Do Not be intimidated! This System is bazooka proof with Child-Simple Tutorials and based upon the Simple Science of getting what you want. (Simpleology)


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Ecommerce Tools

Dynamic ECommerce Webucation Tools can easily:

* Tap new markets with TVisio's Dynamic
Global Home-Based-Business Strategies.

* Automate RSS Feeds onto Your website.

* Search Engines will love you when you add Dynamic-Ecommerce-Tools, international-ecommerce-education, business-education-alternative Feeds to your website. Launch New Ipod - VoIP distribution Income Streams with ease.

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