Wednesday, December 12, 2007


FranticIndustries started in 2006 as a casual Blogger site. It has now grown to a respectable fan base with no less than 100.000 monthly unique visitors and Technorati rank in the top 10000 5000 2000. It has been featured on sites such as Slashdot, NYTimes, Digg, Read/WriteWeb, MicroPersuasion, GigaOM, Deep Jive Interests, TechCrunch, Reddit, Netscape, Problogger and many others. All of the content on this website, including the design, is done by the author - Stan Schroeder.

FranticIndustries is the place to find in-depth reviews of fresh and interesting Web 2.0 products and services.

stan.pngComputing as we know it is largely moving to the web. What does this mean for the user? How do users benefit from Web 2.0? How to actually do something productive with all these new web services? These are the types of questions that are answered here at FranticIndustries. It is written by Stan Schroeder, a pro journalist and web entrepreneur.

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