Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Vitural Worlds / Social & Business Networking Colloborate

Virtual World Netizens are generally a techo-creative bunch that seem to survive more on fantasy, much less on gravity, and even more LESS on Cash! Takes guts to ask the stinky financial question.

Takes creativity to present a workable idea like relationship capital. My Network Mentor Moshe Weiss at Efirm is developing standards for bringing Relationship Capital into the mainstream. Relationship Capital will help companies measure the effect of the networking revolution that is transforming their businesses. Please click on an RNIA link to learn more.
Virtual World GOALS Could Be
Exploring alliances with companies that have a stake in the success of Relationship Capital. The objective is to work with them in RNIA to develop business models based on Relationship Capital. Some of these business models may result in alliances with Efirm and other companies that are positioning themselves and their products to harness this new industry. American Apparel's foray into Second Life is good anecdotal evidence. Hope this will stimulate more discussion.

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