Monday, April 07, 2008 Hype or Reality? is the latest social networking website dejour. It is growing by leaps and bounds. As members know, it is similar to MySpace (with all the profile-making tools) but with one big difference - it pays its users by sharing its ad revenue. Users are flocking to this new website at the rate of nearly 1,800 new members a day. Is it as addictive as members say it is?

What makes addictive?

(1.) It is easy to gain friends. Most users have public profiles, because having others view your profile, blog, rate your profile or pictures, or add a comment benefits you and the poster. That’s where the making friends comes easy. The more friends you have the more likely someone is going to click on your profile and leave a comment. Members are more than willing to reciprocate and can spend hours clicking and thinking of content to draw users to their page. When you become member, you are bombarded with dozens of friend requests, an instantly flattering experience.

It all sounds good but will it survive the inevitable spam influx?

We shall see.

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