Thursday, January 28, 2010

What People are saying about Whetstone

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Creative Consultant at

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“Bill is an amazing creative talent and artist. He demonstrated time and time again an extraordinary ability for organization, and yet was able to help brainstorm creatively with me and the promotion director to develop several Addy Award-winning promotional campaigns for WVTM. I would love to work with Bill again one day, and would absolutely hire him again in a heartbeat. I am proud to claim Bill as a close friend and hope the best for him in every endeavor.” July 5, 2007
Phillip Baker, CAS , Assistant Promotion Director , WVTM-TV 
managed ▄▀ Whetstone indirectly at WVTM-TV Channel 13

Promotion Manager at CW21 & My68

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“Whether it is developing top-shelf media and marketing strategies, or sculpting works of art with his hands and vision, Bill continues to amaze clients and peers alike. His harmonius harmonica renderings are nothing less than spectacular, as well. His drive for getting things done is a real asset to any endeavor fortunate enough to involve Bill.” December 16, 2009
Mark Rubino , Founding Director , Green Resource Center for Alabama 
was with another company when working with ▄▀ Whetstone at CW21 & My68
“I've worked with Bill Whetstone on various projects since I first arrived in Birmingham in 1986. Great guy, very creative, easy to work with, great ideas and a good sense for making things work on a limited budget. I would highly recommend you talk to Bill!” August 11, 2008
Top qualities: Personable , Good Value , Creative
Bill Stoeffhaas 
hired ▄▀ Whetstone as a TV Production in 1986 , and hired ▄▀ Whetstone more than once
“I started working with Bill in August of 2007. Bill is our Promotion Director and I frequently work on graphic packages for the promotions he runs. Bill is a well rounded member of our team. His communication skills are much needed when working with clients. He has a natural way of communicating and opening people up, it's saved many commercial shoots. There are many things Bill has taught me throught my time at WTTO/WABM and I'm sure there I will learn more in the future. He would be an creative asset to any company or organization.” March 18, 2008
Jason Demek , Commercial Photographer/Director/Editor , Sinclair Broadcast Group 
worked directly with ▄▀ Whetstone at CW21 & My68

Senior Sales and Marketing Producer at Fox 6 WBRC TV

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“Bill, aka 'Whetstone TV' is the real deal. Over the last 20 years Bill and I have worked together on numerous projects. Bill always has the concept, finished product and everything that happens in between mapped out and under control. And to top it all off, he's fun to work with and a genuine nice guy. Want to work with a PRO? Bill's your guy. I recommend him without reservation!” April 16, 2009
Wayne Thompson , Partner/Recording Engineer , Boutwell Recording Studios 
was a consultant or contractor to ▄▀ Whetstone at Fox 6 WBRC TV
“Bill, you are a great guy. Good to see what you have going on here. I hope all is well, I miss you man” November 17, 2008
Stan Knott , GM/News Dir , FOX6 WBRC 
worked directly with ▄▀ Whetstone at Fox 6 WBRC TV
“BIll Is very creative, a great man to work with.” April 24, 2008
Yvette Weaver , SR Account Executive , FOX6 WBRC 
worked directly with ▄▀ Whetstone at Fox 6 WBRC TV

Promotion Mgr/Sales Producer at FOX6 WBRC

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“Bill is innovative and creative in his approach to his work. His intuition is right on the mark and helps him stay one step ahead of the ordinary but equally, if not more, important is the great attitude he brings to the workplace - he is a pleasure to work with each and every day.”November 12, 2008
Terri Denard , News Anchor Reporter , FOX6 WBRC 
worked with ▄▀ Whetstone at FOX6 WBRC
“When our newsroom needed something creative Bill was the go to guy. His ability to think outside the box and provide solutions was unparalled.” January 2, 2008
Helen Hays - Todd , Producer , FOX6 WBRC 
worked indirectly for ▄▀ Whetstone at FOX6 WBRC
“Bill is one of the most creative people I have had a pleasure to work with. You never knew what he would come up with - but rest assured it was always excellent and kept the viewer wanting more!” November 20, 2007
Joyce Edwards Johnson , Producer , FOX6 WBRC 
worked directly with ▄▀ Whetstone at FOX6 WBRC

Promotion Producer at WVTM NBC 13

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“Bill and I go way back (farther than either of us will care to admit!). He's a generous, instinctive man in the know. If you want to know what's going on in Birmingham, Bill is your guy. It's always fun to work with him and he's a great customer because he knows what he wants. I recommend him without reservation.” September 29, 2008
Nancy Boutwell , Partner/Studio Manager , Boutwell Recording Studios, Inc. 
was a consultant or contractor to ▄▀ Whetstone at WVTM NBC 13

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